Meet Jasmine

Jasmina Scekic Luksic

Ever since her childhood when she trained tennis, Jasmina has had the passion for Training. She began her fitness career teaching Tae bo, Aerobic and Dance Cardio with The Dance school and faculty of kinesiology attendance. Jasmina's experiences and scholastic background now, make her an Fitness Conditioning and Dance Expert. Jasmina 's passion lies in Dance, Conditioning, Dance Conditioning and Special Workout.


Diploma in Faculty of Kinesiology Conditioning Coach Faculty of Kinesiology Zagreb Croatia
Qualifield Aerobics Instructor Association of Croatian Aerobic Instrustors
Body Pilates Technique Kinesiology University Croatia
Glam Dance Methode European Fitness School Diploma Dublin Ireland (Guillermo Gonzales Vega)
Personal Trainer for Symmetric & Asymmetric Choreographies Euroeducation Diploma (GGV)
TRX Total Body Resistance Exercise Qualified ST Course Usa and Internationally
Tracy Anderson Method Tracy Anderson Method New York USA
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Rhythm training is an integral part of sports

In every sport there is a crucial ingredient that very few people either, see or recognize. Yet it is that one magical ingredient that really differentiates the truly great players from the good or very good. It is the ability to dance.
Body Weight Resistance Workout

Private Training

Possible to order special designed trainings just for you. Trainings should be booked in advance.
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